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Day of Sin by Joeyiscool Day of Sin by Joeyiscool
I mark myself for thy is written.
On the day of sin we shall be forgiven.
For the quest upon truth upon what is right.
For the lies we were taught were out of spite.
Together we strafe. Together we stand.
Together we fight. Hand in hand.
Slowly we move forth. Swiftly we spread.
Remember these words. A new nation is bred.

kissme-imthelea Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2008  Student Writer
When I hung this on my closet, Jerzho came into my room and he was like "ta kiko e kosnan di satanas aki ta?" haha. I guess your ways were leaking through years back =P. I love this, dushi. One of my favorite works of yours that I've seen (excluding web-sites). And what's up w/ the text underneath it? I love love love it. Sounds like something Rise Against would write, but wouldn't suprise me if it came out of that insanely creative mind of yours either. I wish you still took the time to make works like this, because these just seem so much more complicated and expressive than all your comission work. This is YOU. This is Joey and this is what art academies want to see, I would suppose. They want to see pieces of your mind and the way you look at the world, y'know? And I LOVE the way you look at the world, love. It's original and opinionated which is merely a recipe for success when you let those thoughts spill out on paper.

You will be an inspiration. You already are more than that to me and I admire you more than you understand.

Love you honey bunches of oats.

interzonepolice Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007  Professional General Artist
this is pretty cool. i like what you've done with the manip here.
Joeyiscool Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
thanks, appreciate it :D
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